Who we are

Sylvette Frazier:
Creator and Owner of Connecting Children to Art in Nature

I developed this business because I have a deep respect for
children, our natural environment and a passion for the arts.
In today’s world, I find that children and their families are losing touch with nature as compared to generations from the past. My intention in creating CCAN is to develop and nourish a new cord of connectivity to nature with the goal being to promote more conscientious world citizens who are ready to serve and protect all life on earth.

My background encompasses over 20 years in the field of Early Childhood Education practicing in a variety of settings and capacities such as; academic/educational programing, music, art and cultural programs for both adults and children. I hold a Masters of Education in Early Childhood Education and have over two decades of
experience in the visual arts working in a wide spectrum
of mediums.

In designing the various modules for CCAN, I thought in depth about how I could communicate my ideas about nature and art. I feel there is a harmonic and dynamic relationship between nature and art that creates a beautiful and mysterious “language”. This “language” can be expressed in many ways, such as through visual representations of what one sees and feels when connecting with nature. Thereby,
I believe that the act of artistic creation becomes a collaborative
ensemble with the natural world, utilizing an array of materials and expressions to form and construct new languages of communication and thus creating a deeper and more meaningful relationship with
the natural world.

It is my intent that my programs for Connecting Children to Art in
Nature provide meaningful learning opportunities and experiences
to children, for the purpose that they begin to construct their own theories and knowledge about their relationship to nature and the natural world.