What we do

We are a mobile, child-centered enterprise providing artful and educational programs to children aged 18 months to 8 years of age. We are a green business in which we either use bicycles and or the public transportation to reach all of our clients. We use recycled materials whenever possible and thoughtfully integrate concepts of developmentally appropriate ideas of environmental education and sustainability practices into all of our programing. We are passionate about exercising environmental conservation and feel strongly that we all need to work together to protect our planet.

Connecting Children to Art in Nature (CCAN) offers various services: in-classroom lessons for young children, artist in residencies for schools & children’s centers, workshops for families and community, professional development workshops and residencies for educators, program development / design, and educational products that centers on the principles of art and design and nature.

Connecting Children to Art in Nature promotes multi-disciplinary explorations through a variety of settings with the sole purpose of providing a meaningful and artistic link between the child and nature. Our comprehensive arts and nature educational program adheres to the State Board of Education’s model of integrating three modes of instruction:

  • • Subject centered
  • • Instruction connecting themes and other disciplines
  • • Instruction connecting the arts and other core subjects

We also provide a series of modules created for non-schooled or home schooling families. We encourage children to converge and work together in natural settings whenever possible.