“It is my honor to endorse Connecting Children to Art in Nature
This program is like no other. It is amazing to see how Ms. Frazier has been able to combine both aspects of Art & Nature in designing activities and lessons to fit her clients’ interests. Ms. Frazier is able to individualize programs for any age level. All schools and/or programs interested in going green should definitely include “Connecting Children to Art in Nature” as part of their curriculum. The activities are exceptionally creative, fun and educational. All activities are hands-on and very much sensory-oriented. It is great to see how children begin to connect to nature through a variety of customized activities which keep them engaged for long periods of time.”

Dr. Leonor Vazquez
California State University, Los Angeles
College of Health & Human Services

“With pleasure, I am writing this on behalf of Sylvette Frazier. Sylvette worked with the education department at the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam during the summer of 2016. Our goal was to provide higher quality children’s activities during summer and autumn, specifically for the younger audience (4-8 years old). With her experience on education for young children she developed several children’s activity booklets for the Hortus. Sylvette excelled in adopting ideas to suit the garden and its visitors, and together we were able to make several booklets for both English and Dutch visitors. I highly recommend Sylvette for any position regarding children’s education.”

Freek van Kessel
Education Officer
Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

“The Arboretum was looking for programs to offer on Free Tuesdays, days we have thousands of guests come through the door. Sylvette observed the Arboretum and its existing programming, and set out to create activities that would fit in seamlessly with the Arboretum’s mission to cultivate our natural, horticultural and historic resources for learning, enjoyment and inspiration. The final product was fantastic! The activities were fun, creative, and completely in line with the Arboretum’s style of education. I recommend Sylvette to you without reservation”

Ted Tegart
Education Manager
Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden

“We are absolutely thrilled with Connecting Children to Art in Nature! The kids have gained a love for working with natural materials. They greet Ms. Frazier at the door, yelling her name, hugging her and always are excited to see what she has brought for them. The projects are developmentally appropriate and the children are thoroughly engaged. She incorporates topics of environmental education together with art, and we are very impressed with the projects, the presentations and the results.”

Mrs. Bramon- Simonian
Preschool Director
Good Shepherd Catholic School

“Connecting Children to Art in Nature was a refreshing way to teach young children about recycling natural materials to make new and beautiful art works. The lessons were very well organized and mindful of the developmental level of the children in my class. We can’t wait to have Sylvette back in our classroom again.”

Mrs. Kadzhikyan
Balboa Elementary
Glendale Unified School District

“Children enjoyed being creative and expressing themselves through nature. My students look forward to Sylvette’s art lessons.”

Mrs. Martinez
Balboa Elementary
Glendale Unified School District.

“Sylvette emphasizes the ephemeral nature of her art lessons with the students. She wants to give them an appreciation for the impermanency of nature and the delicate balance between the environment and human use. Sylvette is eager and willing to link her Art in Nature Program directly to what is being learned in the classroom. She also includes any applicable Archdiocese of Los Angeles standards including Visual Arts, Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science and Social-Emotional standards. Last year I asked my students if they thought Ms. Sylvette should come back for the new TK children or if we should investigate a different program. The answer was a resounding “YES! Ms. Sylvette!” I’m sure your students will enjoy using new materials and experience different projects and teachers will appreciate the integration of art and science.”

Gabriela Gualano
Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Saint Martin of Tours

“I am very pleased how Ms. Frazier aligns her lessons with my curriculum and standards. Ms. Frazier has been able to create a rapport between herself and the children which is endearing and causes them to look forward even more so then usual to Fridays because “Ms. Sylvette is coming Friday! “. Over the last few years, it has been my pleasure getting to know Ms. Frazier as a teacher and as a colleague. Her instruction comes from the heart and is apparent that each student matters to her. Watching her patience and innovation over the last two years, it is clear to me that the Art in Nature Program has been a beneficial addition to my classroom. I highly recommend Ms. Frazier’s wonderful program!”

Jill Lautoa
Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Good Shepherd Catholic School

“One challenge in managing a community garden is to find ways to extend the benefits of the open space beyond member gardeners, to include adults and children within the community and beyond. With her innovative program, Sylvette Frazier has put our garden to wonderful use as an educational venue for many local children. The pictures I’ve seen, the stories I’ve heard all tell me that his has been a valuable addition to after school and extra-school activities. We will be delighted to have Sylvette and the children for many seasons to come!”

Cynthia Hubach
Manager, Elysian Valley Community Garden

“CCAN has provided our children with authentic experiences which have helped children to link their natural world to concepts in art and design.  I believe our children have a new found appreciation for their environment and how they can use natural materials while at the same time recycling and giving back to nature.  Sylvette has created a holistic program rooted in child development and art education!  The kids loved it!”

Jim Goodrich, M.A.
Assistant Director
Anna Bing Arnold Children’s Center
Cal State LA

“I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter Lorelei, enjoyed your program at the Anna Bing Center. She came home every Wednesday excitedly reporting what you’d done that day. I’m grateful that she got the chance to participate in your program! Thanks so much!”

Jennifer Curren
Cal State LA: Anna Bing Arnold Children’s Center

“Thanks to Sylvette my students had a wonderful experience and opportunity to create art with nature. The students were engaged during the activities and eager for her to return. Sylvette’s presentation gave my students the opportunity and freedom to be creative and express themselves in a new way.”

Mrs. Trivitt
Balboa Elementary
Glendale Unified School District