Programs we offer

Connecting Children to Art in Nature (CCAN) offers various services: in-classroom lessons for young children, artist in residencies for schools & children’s centers, workshops for families and community, professional development workshops and residencies for educators, program development/ design, and educational products that centers on the principles of art and design and nature.

Programs for Young Children

CCAN offers a variety of artist in residence programs for early childhood centers/school programs, seasonal camps, such as Art in Nature, the Language of Nature, and Creative Practice. Contact us for a brochure on any of these programs.

Art in Nature Program

  • This program combines the following three learning modules into one unique program of its own: Story & Sketch, Wonders of Nature and Collaborate with Nature. A program for young children ages 3 through 8 years of age providing multi-disciplinary explorations through the visual arts.

  • The Art in Nature program is unique by way of its introducing young children to the practice and value of ephemeral art. It’s an alternative artmaking approach that contrasts with a dominant tendency towards consumption and ownership. This program uses natural materials for the work, which are subject to transformation, decay and even disappearance.

The Language of Nature Program

  • A sensory-oriented program for young children ages 18 to 36 months that explores the intricate layers of the natural world.
    The Language of Nature Program* provides the young child opportunity to explore five elementary cores: Forms in Nature, Color in Nature, Movement in Nature, Senses in Nature and Elements of Nature.
  • Both programs were designed by following progressive ideologies in curriculum and pedagogical practices inspired by the work from Rudolf Steiner, Friedrich Froebel, Loris Malaguzzi, Richard Louv, Beverly Bos, Nel Noddings, John Dewey, and Lev Vygotsky. Inspiration was also derived from the following Artists: Herman de Vries, Giuseppe Penone, Andy Goldsworthy and Vincent Van Gogh to name just a few.

Creative Practice

  • Creative Practice holds the space for free explorations with natural and recycled materials and encourages the child to build relationships with the materials presented. This pop-up, mobile studio offers children (3+) to collaborate with nature and discover the magic and inspiration nature holds.

Curriculum Lessons for Elementary School

  • Lesson modules for elementary schools can be customized to suit your study units TK thru 3rd grade All programing modules conducted in the Elementary School settings have been designed and formatted to cover Educational Content Standards such as the Common Core, the State Visual Arts Standards, State Science and Math Standards, as well as the Next-Gen Science Standards soon to be implemented nation-wide.

Examples of Module Themes

  • Ephemeral Art: Seasons
  • Color Expressions in Nature
  • Ephemeral Art: Natural Materials
  • Design in Nature
  • Line in Nature
  • Form in Nature
  • Texture in Nature
  • Cloud forms
  • Silhouettes in Nature

Program Design & Development

Museums/ Botanical Gardens/ Nature Parks & Reserves

Connecting Children to Art in Nature can carefully craft as well as implement a family oriented program that celebrates your current and on-going exhibitions and attractions that you offer to your guests.

International Collaborations

We support other like-minded environmental, art & nature based educational groups, organizations and institutions. We feel it is important to all work together to help protect our planet and to learn from one another.