About the Arts and Nature
in Early Childhood Education

Well Known Facts about the important implications of integrating the arts and nature experiences to children:

  • Enhances All Seven Learning Domains in Early Childhood Development:
  • 1) Social / Emotional development
  • 2) Language development
  • 3) Cognitive development
  • 4) Gross Motor development
  • 5) Fine Motor development
  • 6) Spiritual and Moral development
  • 7) Self-help and Adaptive development
  • Early exposure to the arts and nature can build strong foundations for future learning
  • Art explorations can become a vehicle for critical thinking skills
  • Builds communicative and aesthetic development
  • Enhances Literacy Development
  • Cognitive functioning is enhanced
  • Social & emotional benefits blossom: builds positive self-esteem, bridges collaborative connections with peers and community
  • Builds environmental conservation and care, sustainability
    awareness for the natural world
  • Establishes personal connectivity to their natural surroundings
  • Interacting with nature promotes self-regulatory skills and
    reduces stress